Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Beware Fake Food Blog drink-food1.blogspot.com

Watch out for a fake food blog that recently popped up.

Some dweeb started up a blog on Blogspot, loaded it up with adware/spyware and then started copying posts from other blogs and posting them to his/her own blog to make it look like they have a legit food blog.  Watch out for drink-food1.blogspot.com.  A bunch of our eat. drink. BITE ME! blog posts have been pilfered and reposted there...and you might infect your computer just by visiting them.  BEWARE!


  1. Why are some people resorting to these things?! They should just refocus their energy on helping the needy, feeding the homeless where their activity would be much appreciated instead of finding ways to install adwares/spywares in one's computer system

  2. Junk foods should deserved to be junked and should not be prepared for people especially to the young ones.