Friday, July 9, 2010

Back to Hashigo in Fullerton for Happy Hour

Last month, I wrote about the experiences my wife and I had at Hashigo Sushi in Fullerton.  That night, we had just missed Happy Hour and figured that we would have to return on another evening to try some of their Happy Hour goodies and specials.

A few nights ago, we were able to make that happen.  Hashigo offers Happy Hour specials every evening between 5-7pm which include drink specials such as 50% off well drinks as well as discounted appetizers and a few items not on their regular menu.

We started off with their spicy tuna tartare.  As you can see, the presentation was groovy and the tuna was served on crisps of some sort that didn't really add much flavor but did add a pleasant crunch.  Thumbs up.

I had heard about Hashigo's kalbi tacos and had to give them a try.  They were yummy, but I'll have to admit that they didn't quite meet my expectations.  Kogi BBQ set the bar when they launched their first Korean-Mexican fusion truck and created the kalbi taco, and Hashigo's version doesn't reach that level.  I think it mainly has to do with the sauce and the various ingredients used.  Hashigo's tacos taste like a regular taco that has had its meat substituted with Korean barbeque.  That's fine and good, but I was really hoping for more flavors like Kogi's version has that really make it a new and special dish.  The tacos are offered only during Happy Hour for $6 per plate of two tacos.

One special we missed on the evening we visited Hashigo was their $2.95 sushi handrolls.  I think that price might only be available Sunday through Thursday.  We didn't get the discount, but we did have a couple of handrolls.  Their spicy yellowtail handroll was fairly standard fare, but yummy.  Sweet potato fries are also offered during Happy Hour, and I can't seem to pass those things up whenever they're on a menu.  Hashigo's fries did not disappoint and managed to disappear within minutes.

All in all, Hashigo's Happy Hour specials provided us with an enjoyable meal.  Other places might have more menu options or slightly lower prices, but Hashigo's food is good, the service is attentive and the atmosphere is pleasant.


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  1. I found a great sushi happy hour in Downtown L.A. at Octopus - most sushi is half price, including Mackerel for $2! Check out my write-up:

  2. Thanks for that tip, Billy! I checked out your write up on the place, and come to think of it I remember seeing that they have a location in Brea. Yup, I can see a visit to Octopus in my near future.