Friday, June 11, 2010

Burgers and Beers at Father's Office in Culver City

Last night, the Bite Me TV crew hung out with James Rooke and Brandon Merenick of the Canadian indie rock band Low Level Flight.  The band is in L.A. to play at a Hollywood charity event tonight and shoot a music video over the weekend.  They're staying over on the West Side, so we decided to take the guys to Father's Office in Culver City for their awesome burgers and killer beer selection.

(In front - Bite Me TV's Druu, Joel Bonifacio and Joei Bonifacio)
(In back - Low Level Flight's Brandon Merenick and James Rooke)
Photo by Ernie Uy

Father's Office is one of the new breed of hip gastropubs that are popping up all over town.  A gastropub, you ask???  Take a pub, add some gourmet-ish food to the menu, dress the place up so it has a hip vibe and focus on boutique beers, spirits and such, and you've got yourself a gastropub.  It's a fancy pub that's spendier than it's old-fashioned, standard pub cousin.  Father's Office, in particular, is known for offering up one of the best burgers around as well as for having an extensive selection of beers on tap and by the bottle.

Their burger is pretty fabulous.  I'm not sure if it's the best burger I've ever had, but it's definitely one of the best.  It's thick and juicy, served with gruyere and blue cheese, carmelized onions and arugula on a roll (instead of a bun).  It is only served one way, so don't bother trying to ask for ketchup, no cheese, etc., etc.

Their sweet potato fries are also most excellent, and are served with a garlic aioli.  An order is usually large enough to share between two people.

Now, Father's Office can get crowded.  Very crowded, and there are no reservations.  You may have to stand around with your drink, watching like a hawk for a table to become available.  Oh, and you'll probably have to place your order (even for the food) up at the bar.  But if you can put up with that, you'll be richly rewarded with a yummy meal and some quality liquid refreshments.  There are two locations, one in Culver City in the old Helm's Bakery building and the original in Santa Monica.


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