Monday, June 7, 2010

Mexican Comfort Food at Super Mex

Joel and I got together for lunch today, and we both had a hankering for some Mexican food so we thought we oughtta stop in on one of our local favorites...Super Mex.  Super Mex started as this little hole-in-the-wall joint in Long Beach back in the 1970's.  They gained a huge local following in their first couple of decades and started expanding.  They now have more than a dozen restaurants around the Long Beach area, in Orange County and even in Las Vegas.  Thankfully, though, they're still a family-owned operation and haven't morphed into some giant food conglomerate with bland food.  Yup, almost 40 years after opening up shop their food is still top-notch.  It ain't fancy, but it's yummy.

In fact, one old friend of mine who moved away to Chicago once even had me bring some Super Mex burritos on the plane with me when I went to visit him.  Chicago may have Rick Bayless and his gourmet Mexican cuisine, but Long Beach rocks the kick-ass Super Mex grub.

One of my faves is their combo #1, a shredded beef taco, a cheese enchilada and some beans.  A lot of locals prefer their burritos, but for me it's all about their shredded beef taco.  It's comfort food to the max!

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