Thursday, June 17, 2010

Handling our Indonesian Cravings at Toko Rame in Bellflower

Casual Indonesian joint Toko Rame in Bellflower is on the Bite Me TV list of lunch stops for those times when we want something a little out of the ordinary, but quick and pretty inexpensive. It's a hole-in-the-wall nestled in the corner of a tiny strip mall literally just north of the 91 freeway (think 40 feet north) on Bellflower Blvd. There's zero impress factor as far as the look of the place, but Toko Rame serves up some good grub at good prices. Plus all the food is Halal, so you can feel comfort knowing that the meat isn't pumped full of the hormones, antibiotics and other garbage that our food industry has gotten us used to.

I went with their Nasi Rames combo plate. It's a good selection for those unfamiliar with Indonesian food as it has a little of this and a little of that without getting scary with wild ingredients. They start with rice (of course), then add beef rendang (a dark and spicy helping of beef brisket), a bowl of veggie curry, a mashed potato cake, a drumstick of fried chicken, a cool mix of veggies that's sort of an Asian slaw, and a hard-boiled egg covered in chili sauce. The potato cake is easily my favorite part of the dish. It's delicious. The beef rendang is also yummy. It's tender and has a bit of a kick. Overall, the combo offers a good mix of spicy and mild and is a good value at $7.50.

Joel went with the Nasi Timbel Parahyangan combo. It's similar to the dish I had, except that it kicks up the adventure a little.  That's deep fried fish you see in the middle of the plate, plus tofu, a small bowl of tamarind soup, a drumstick of fried chicken and rice wrapped in a banana leaf.

Except for a couple of fish dishes, everything on the menu is priced under $10.  The service is quick, the food is good and the place is casual and seemingly never very crowded.  That's "thumbs up" for a midweek lunch.


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