Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gimmee My Coffee at Fullerton's Steamers Jazz Club

Steamers Jazz Club and Cafe in Downtown Fullerton is one of the best places in Orange County (or all of Southern California, for that matter) to hang out and listen to live jazz. It's an intimate joint where you can listen to live jazz every night, have a bite to eat, have a drink or three, sit right up next to the stage or just hang out cafe-style out front on the sidewalk. All sorts of acts play there, from local big bands to big names like Grammy-winner Poncho Sanchez (he seems to play there about once a month).

But there's another side of Steamers that only the locals really know about. It's a pretty cool place to kick back in the morning for some coffee and breakfast. Their breakfast bagel sandwiches are yummy and fairly priced, they're never crowded in the morning so you can stretch out and read the paper, they play video recordings of previous live jazz sets at a low volume so you still get the jazz vibe, and they make a pretty damn good cafe mocha.

Steamers is located at 138 W. Commonwealth, just west of Harbor Blvd.


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